Brand Purpose

Homes are built once in a lifetime; to be handed down over the generations. A home is forever. Building a home is giving wings to dreams and we hope to partner in helping create a robust, durable home that is repair and maintenance free.

Steel is the backbone of your home. Once it has been placed and set in concrete, there is very little that can be done with it. One cannot replace it like one replaces tiling or a bathroom fitting*

Given this irreplaceable nature of steel, we believe it is important to get the selection right ... there just isn't a second chance.

Kashmir Ispat is about infusing life into a building. Be it a home, an apartment or even bridges, malls, offices, factories and flyovers. Catering to the different needs of our varied customers.

Kashmir Ispat offers a perfect choice in TMT construction grade bars for long lasting homes; made in Jammu and popular all across North India ... so that you get it first time right


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