Why Kashmir Ispat

We understands the importance of steel to you and offers a TMT construction bar that is like a 3 in 1: strong, with superior elongation and resistant to corrosion. Worldwide, TMT is the most widely used technology to impart these properties to construction grade bars.

TMT Process
• TMT is a superior technology in steel making, bringing to you International product quality.
• Construction bars that sell in the market need to conform to ISI specifications; our bars offer you properties that are far higher than the ISI specs: in other words, greater strength and superior elongation.
• Our TMT technology ensures that corrosion is retarded. Traditional bars are twisted to increase strength, but this builds up stress and consequently rusting starts almost immediately. In case of TMT no twisting is required since a special Thermo Mechanical Treatment used on the bar, resulting in lesser corrosion and longer life.

So there you are. a 3 in 1 bar for homes that last forever ... at an affordable price. It's a lifetime investment and therefore the right choice is critical

Why Kashmir lspat?
The salient features which has our company carve out an individual identity for itself are

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is well equipped with technologically advanced
Machinery, and help in ensuring production of premium quality steel products.

All the products are repeatedly quality checked in all manufacturing stages regarding their mechanical and tensile strength.

Our engineer and technicians possess the expertise required in the manufacturing
process to deliver superior quality products to our clients.

Our products are well known in the market for their precision, quality and highly
Competitive prices.

Our Strengths
Our management and technical team work relentlessly strictly adhering to the policy of
providing our clients, with superior quality products at competitive prices. It has held us
in building closer associations with our clients around the globe. Some of the strengths
that make our products among the best in the J&K markets are:-

A state-of –the-art manufacturing unit, equipped with separate facilities for slitting, metal forming and welding.

We offer to our clients, customized manufacturing facilities.

A team of mechanical engineers and professional, who use their expertise and contribute in a significant to our success.

Our infrastructural facilities help us successfully meet the bulk order and requirements.

The raw material used in the manufacturing of Shakti TMT are produced by our associate
factory Narbada Steels Limited which ensures the quality and use the best raw material
available to manufacture M.S Ingots.

Adherence to international standards, both in manufacturing process and quality of products.

Our company has ISO 9001:2008 QMS certification and also ISO 14001: 2004
Certification which ensure the environment protection.


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